Woza Moya Bauble Necklace (SOUTH AFRICA)

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

Hand-made by the women at the Woza Moya Craft Shop in South Africa.

Woza Moya (Come Spirit of Change in IsiZulu language) is the economic empowerment project of Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. Woza Moya’s mission is to unearth creativity that creates economic empowerment through traditional quality local crafts made by people in need. Once the men and women are enrolled with Woza Moya they are then trained in a craft, most commonly beadwork or sewing. The crafters are mostly women and are almost all first time money earners, having set up bank accounts for the first time in order to receive they payments from Woza Moya. Every week the crafters come to HACT to sell their crafts to Woza Moya, everything from beadwork, wirework, woodwork and even crochet. By selling Woza Moya their crafts the crafters become self-empowered and self-employed.