Marimekko, With Love

Shauna McCabe. With contributions from Janis Kravis and Armi Ratia

Part of the broader mid-century modern ethos, Marimekko made its first forays into fabric and fashion design in 1951 and would change the visual landscape indelibly. Marimekko, With Love highlights the Finnish company’s early international growth under the leadership of Armi Ratia and the personal relationships that shaped its impact in North America. Featuring classic patterns from Marimekko’s dynamic design history, the publication also includes a rich array of documentary materials that provide insight into the company’s introduction to audiences in Canada and the United States through the dialogues between Ratia and the founders of design studios such as Karelia in Toronto, Ontario and Design Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Including over 50 images reproduced in full colour, many never published before, as well as original contributions by Armi Ratia and Janis Kravis, founder of Toronto’s Karelia, this book is essential reading for those wishing to understand mid-century design and the social relationships at the heart of global culture.

Textile Museum of Canada (05/2013) 95 pp 54 col. ill. 8 x 6.5 in softcover 

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