Lounge Pad/Runner (NEPAL)

Local Women's Handicrafts

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"The mission of Local Women's Handicraft (LWH) is to bring hope to human beings. With a tiny bit of hope and support LWH can continue to seek and live this vision"

LWH strongly supports freedom, self -reliance, and liberation from limiting thoughts. They provide an environment to grow, believing that we are all capable human beings no matter our colour, sex, or economic status.

  • 74 inches x 24.5 inches (188 cm x 62.2 cm)
  • Made from recycled assorted fibre sari. hemp fringe and hemp warped
  • Great as a runner or as decor at the foot of the bed or as an outdoor lounge pad
  • Surface wash
  • Lounge cover comes in a version of colours, to that of the visual 

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