Katogo Paper Bead Necklaces (UGANDA)

Children of Hope Uganda
The talented artisan beaders of northern Uganda make these beautiful paper bead necklaces in the Acholi tradition by rolling strips of recycled paper to form unique and colourful beads. They dip the beads in a water-based laquer 3 times and craft each 60" necklace with pride and care. The women beaders are happy to use the proceeds to send their children to school and feed their families. They thank you for your purchase.
All the beautiful 60" long Katogo necklaces have unique colours and combinations of bead sizes and shapes......all joyous. They look great on a white T-shirt, black shirt, to dress up or down. Enjoy!
  • Made from recycled paper and water-based laquer
  • Made in Uganda
  • 60" long
For additional inquiries on size, material, colour, or origin, please contact TMC shop at (416) 599-5321 x2241 or shop@textilemuseum.ca