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ChuChu is a workshop space located in Dala Township, on the southern bank of the Yangon River, across from downtown Yangon. Six families work there together and sell their crafts to locals and tourists visiting from Yangon. They work with recycled plastics to create new fabric, which they use to make purses, bags, and household goods. The artisans often work in the middle of the night when electricity is more reliable. Each member is a designer and their work continually evolves. As they forge new creations, new ideas are born and explored. This group of designers all consult one another in their work; each person has a voice in business decisions from designs to strategy. Together, they set the prices for their crafts and ensure their business is sustainable. The ChuChu workshop space is also made of recycled goods.

  • Made from platic bags, thermal heated  to bond
  • Durable, water resistant and washable
  • Made in Burma
  • 8" x 16"x 5" ( 20.3 cm x 14 cm)

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