Bracelet/Pendant Loom (CANADA)

Chip & Sparrow
Our bracelet loom is small, each are around 10.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide, and come with high quality birch ply loom, manual, hardwood pick up stick and steel yarn needle. YARN NOT INCLUDED.
The looms are paintable and can be a fun, relaxing way to mark the season. Good for children and adults. The looms can be used again each season, and the weaving slipped off. 
For the warp, use a thinner yarn like crochet cotton, embroidery thread, fingerling, or lace. For the weft, use anything you might have on hand: worsted yarn, roving, funky yarns, scraps of fabric (selvedges are great), ribbon, sticks, grass, feathers, dried flowers. Go for a walk, collect things, and weave them in to mark the year.
For additional inquiries on size, material, colour, or origin, please contact TMC shop at (416) 599-5321 x2241 or