Ancestry and Artistry: Maya Textiles from Guatemala / Héritage Ancestral et Artisanat: Les textiles Mayas du Guatemala

Roxane Shaughnessy

Cloth holds great importance for Guatemala’s indigenous communities, and traditional dress plays an essential role in Maya identity today as a vital link with the ancestral past and a means of cultural reinvention. Whether worn for religious ceremonies or as an emblem of ethnic pride, textiles offer a medium for innovation and creative expression, as well as a marketable product for the tourist industry. Through a range of perspectives reflecting on Maya identity and the effects of global influences on culture and community life in Guatemala, this thoroughly illustrated publication traces a century of dynamic change as well as the remarkable continuity of ancient Maya traditions in the face of significant modernization, political upheaval, and religious transformation. With contributions from James C. Langley, Rosario Miralbés de Polanco, Ann Pollard Rowe, Donna E. Stewart and Mary Anne Wise; and exhibitors Andrea Aragón, Jean-Marie Simon, Verónica Riedel.

Textile Museum of Canada (2013); 120 pp; 60 colour images; 8.6" x 8.6" softcover; In English and French.

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